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  • Collection Dresses

    Collection dresses are created to showcase Samuelle's favorite silhouettes and fabric treatments. This recent collection features hand pleated silk organza, chiffons and tulle, washed silk organza, hand dyed silk tulle, hand dyed vintage lace which has then been beaded, and hand appliqué d on to each dress. There is a sheer ethereal quality to the dresses; romantic and soft, as well as sculptural. There are shades of nude and lavender, as well as subtle dip dyed pinks. The dresses are designed to have 'weight' and 'substance' but also feel and look weightless when worn.

    Each collection dress is made to order, the process taking four to six months. While maintaining the essence of each design, the dresses can be personalized to keep true to Samuelle's promise of designing unique garments.

  • Bespoke Dresses

    For totally original designs, the creative collaboration between the designer and the bride begins at the initial meeting where ideas are developed, and watercolor designs are subsequently drawn with fabric and trimming options. An individual pattern is then made for the bride, and a toile created.

    With fittings of the toile, draping luxurious fabrics on the body and embellishing with beadwork or appliqué develops the silhouette and style lines. The layering of hand dyed, printed or vintage fabrics and trims can be incorporated for a truly playful and original piece.

    The process takes approximately six months. Each garment is priced individually.

  • Specialist customizing & tailoring

    Alongside the creation of wedding dresses, Samuelle Couture offers specialist tailoring and customizing of family heirlooms, vintage dresses or couture dresses that are being adapted for bridal wear.